Friday, January 16, 2015

Tryst No. 3 Panatella Creme Brulee E-Cigar

It's still winter here and it's been cold this week so reviewing e-cigars suits me just fine. Not only can I smoke them inside, they cut my cigarette consumption drastically and that's a good thing!

The last two days I've been testing a Tryst No. 3 Panatella E-Cigar in Creme Brulee flavor. This No. 3 measures about 4-3/4" x 30 ring and it weighs just .6 ounces. The smaller size and lighter weight make this model a breeze to hold between my teeth while working. The smaller size also feels more like cigarette so I inhale more often, hence curbing my urge to stop and have a smoke. 
Durable is all I can say about the wrapper material. Just like the other Tryst products I've reviewed, this wrapper is tough and I've had no wrapper failures.

Tryst did a great job on this Creme Brulee flavor mix. Each puff starts out with notes of vanilla, then in comes sweet caramel and it finishes with a deep toasty flavor. It's really a nice flavor mix.

Again, functionality of the No. 3 is great, it produces a good volume of vapor with an easy draw. If you like Creme Brulee, you will really like the flavor this e-cigar produces.

Bottom line, when puffing on these e-cigars, I'm not smoking cigarettes. That not only cuts my smoking costs, I'm using a healthier alternative and I get cigar-like satisfaction when it's to cold to smoke outside. Another great feature of Tryst products, there E-juice is proudly made in America. All these features and benefits create a win-win for me!

You can pick these Tryst No. 3 Panatella E-Cigars up from Famous Smoke Shop for a meager $8.60 each. The package says this Panatella is the equivalent of 6 cigars making this e-cigar a real deal.

Rated 9.6

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