Monday, February 9, 2015

Long Live The King: My Style Is Jalapeno Lancero From Caldwell Cigars

Long Live The King My Style Is Jalapeno
Once again thanks to the monthly Cigar Train "Freight Train" package I have another Caldwell Cigar to review, the Long Live The King, My Style Is Jalapeno Lancero. 

A nifty looking band and an oily, seamless, nearly vein free wrapper lead me to believe this will be another great cigar from Caldwell Cigars. Let's see if I'm right. 

Before we really get stared, I have to wonder, what kind of name is, "My Style Is Jalapeno", for a cigar. Well I think it's a pretty good one myself. However, it did make me wonder if this cigar was a pepper bomb. Well I can gladly say, it wasn't. 

Starting with the Corojo wrapper you can see in the picture it has a bit of color difference from one end to the other, but that's OK, plus in true lancero style, it's capped with a nice, tightly wound pigtail.

From the foot I pick up a really mild cedar aroma and after clipping the cap, the free draw has a light spicy cedar taste.

Once the cigar is burning the first medium bodied flavors were a sweet mix of brown sugar and oak. As the burn  moved up the body there were other notes of leather earth, and hint of light red pepper. The pepper wasn't tongue-burning hot, there was just enough to know it was there. 

After fifty-five minutes the cigar finished with mixed flavors of toasted oak, and brown sugar. 

This cigar had been resting in my humidor for over two months now, but in the first inch it had to be re-lit three times. After that the cigar burned flawlessly.

Rated 91

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