Thursday, February 5, 2015

CAO Cigars Evil Snowman Maduro

CAO Cigars La Traviata Maduro Evil Snowman
Today we have the second installment of the "Holiday Series" from CAO Cigars, the La Traviata Maduro Evil Snowman. You know by now that good packaging gets me all the time and this Holiday Series CAO Cigar I picked up from Cigar Train caught me, hook, line and sinker. But that's not all, there was a really nice cigar under this limited series band. Let's take a look and see what I found. 

So this is what I found. The Evil Snowman is covered by a nice oily, slightly toothy Maduro colored wrapper that shows only the finest of veins. The cigar is packed well full length and had a light barnyard aroma from the foot. After clipping the triple cap, the draw was free and there were flavor notes of lightly spiced oak. 

Once burning the mild bodied Evil Snowman produced a large volume of smoke with an initial flavor mix of toasty fermented tobacco, cocoa and oak plus it left behind a nice chocolate aftertaste. 

In the second half the wrapper developed an oily sheen as the cigar burned and the flavors took on more of an earthy tone with notes of molasses, damp earth and leather. 

Nearing the eighty minute mark, the flavor mix shifted to a medium bodied blend of oak, charcoal, chocolate and a hint of cream. I thought it was a pretty tasty finish. 

Overall I thought the Evil Snowman was another great cigar from CAO Cigars. It had a nice flavor mix, a long smoking time and a sharp burn full length. I think these are getting a bit hard to find now, but if you happen across one, I'd buy it.

Rated 94 

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