Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Colombia El Paraiso By Zoka Coffee

Bean Box Sample 3
Zoka Coffee Co.
Seattle, WA
Colombia El Paraiso
Origin: Colombia
Reigon: Cayun, Cachipay
Roast: Medium - City +
Brewing method: Pour-over
Price: - $21 - 12 ounce bag

This Colombia El Paraiso By Zoka Coffee, the third of four roasts featured in the February package from Bean Box is yet another amazing and complex Seattle roast. 

From the bag there are notes of cinnamon toast, sweet stone fruit and a hint of bright raspberries. After giving the bean a quick grind there's a transformation in aroma to sweet, yet slightly tart raspberry. Once the pour-over is complete the notes of raspberry are still present, but nuances toasted walnuts are the most prominent. 

Sipping from the hot cup is where this roast really shines and it wasn't at all what I'd expected. The first sips were very bright, fresh and clean with a wash that wakes the palate bringing it to life for the day ahead. The mouthfeel did surprise me, but it was the flavor profile that really caught me off guard.

With the sweet and spicy aromas of toasted nuts and berries found earlier, I expected flavors to match, but that's not what I found. A pleasantly bright, slightly sweet wash of green tomatoes and a hint of spicy cinnamon rushed across my palate.  As the coffee cooled in the cup the mouthfeel became smoother and the notes of raspberries and toasted walnuts gain became more noticeable until they dominated at the end.

I found this Colombia El Paraiso By Zoka Coffee to be complex, refreshing and an exciting change of pace from the normal grind. 

Rated 94

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