Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Grind Double Toro By Diesel Cigars

Once again, here's a cigar from this month's Freight Train package the Grind Double Toro by Diesel Cigar

Let me say, this Grind is one nice looking cigar, plus at 6 x 60, it's big. It's covered in a seamless, practically vein free Colorado Claro colored wrapper, with the finest of veins. The cigar is packed well full length, it has seamless construction and it's topped off with a triple cap. 

Checking aromas on the cold cigar, there are notes from the foot of fruity, fermented tobacco. After clipping the cap, the free draw again has a fruity flavor but there's a bit of mild spice to make things interesting. 

Once the cigar is burning the first mouthfuls of medium bodied smoke tease your palate with the same mix of spicy, fruity, fermented tobacco found in the cold draw. It's actually a pretty tasty mix. As the sharp burn line progresses up the body other flavors of toast, leather and light brown sugar join  the mix. 

In the final third the body jumps up into the medium/full range and the cigar finishes its seventy-five minute burn with flavors of coffee, cream and lots of sugar. 

Overall the Grind Double Toro was a nice cigar. While it wasn't overly complex the Grind had a smooth and steady, great tasting flavor mix, a nice smoking time and top of the line construction. Also, the Diesel Grind is a Brick & Mortar exclusive, so if you want to give one a test drive talk to your local shop. 

Rated 92

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