Thursday, February 19, 2015

Guatemala Juan Pira From Indaba Coffee

Indaba Coffee
Spokane, WA
Guatemala - Juan Pira
Origin: Santiago, Atitlan
Price: $10.00 - 8 ounce bag.

I've wanted to stop by Indaba Coffee for some time now but as you know I don't get out much. Well today I did get out and I did stop by their store. 

Indaba Coffee has a great looking storefront in an area of town that drastically needs revitalized. Along with their effort to revitalize that area of Spokane, for each bag of coffee sold, Indaba donates one meal to our local Second Harvest Food Bank. I tip my hat to Indaba Coffee and say, well done!

While there, the barista on duty created a pour-over of their Guatemala, Juan Pira coffee for me to sample. While I wasn't in charge of the grind, the water temperature or the pour-over, their coffee is definitely worthy of a review.

From the hot cup a pleasant aroma of cocoa and walnuts rose to great me. The first sips were bright and crisp with a cleansing palate wash. As the coffee cooled the mouthfeel became softer and the syrupiness increased. 

The coffee starts with flavor nuances of bright grapefruit, sweet caramel and walnuts, leaving behind a pleasant sweetness on the palate with a hint of saltiness. As the coffee cools the citrus shifts to more of a sweet plum flavor while the notes of caramel and walnuts bloom. 

Overall the Guatemala, Juan Pira is a nice roast with complex body and flavors, that was free from defect. Check out their website Also take a moment and read the post on their Indaba Downtown Project, it's a great project with local and global impact.

Rated 93

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