Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Indaba Downtown: A Funding Project With Local and Global Economic Impact.

I ran across this funding project on Twitter today. Since I'm a coffee nut and it's a local project, I feel the "INDABA Downtown" project deserves as much promotion as possible.


INDABA Downtown: A Funding Project With Local and Global Economic Impact.

Help bring "good" coffee to downtown Spokane.

Indaba Downtown

The summary below is directly from the funding page.

" Short Summary

Hi, I’m Bobby Enslow, the owner and founder of INDABA COFFEE. After spending time working in South Africa for an HIV/AIDS clinic, I returned to my home town of Spokane, WA with a renewed passion for the poor and a dream to start a socially conscious coffee business.
This indiegogo campaign is to raise money for our second location downtown! It’s been five years since we opened our first location in West Central, and now we are ready to take our business to an up and coming area of downtown. This location will allow us to raise even more money to fight hunger in the Inland Northwest and continue to pioneer specialty coffee in the area. Living and working in West Central, the poorest neighborhood in the State, the largest need we’ve seen is access to food. This is why when we started roasting in 2014 we committed to donate a meal for every bag of coffee sold.
At the end of our first year of rolling out our fight against hunger, we have helped to provide over 2,100 meals through our partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank. With this new location downtown, it is our goal to provide over 10,000 meals in 2015. A lofty goal, but with your contribution, it can become a reality. "

See, I told you it was a worthy project, hop over to their funding page for the full story. And please do me one  more favor, once you're done there, visit

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