Monday, February 23, 2015

Kilenso Ethiopia by Slate Coffee Roasters

Bean Box Sample 2
Slate Coffee Roasters
Seattle, WA
Kilenso Ethiopia
Origin:  Kilenso Mokonisa
Reigon: Sidama, Ethiopia
Roast: Medium - City +
Brewing method: Pour-over
Price: - $19 - 12 ounce bag

This Bean Box sample of Kilenso Ethiopia by Slate Coffee Roasters is definitely a specialty coffee in my book. Although it's only February, this Kilenso Ethiopia roast has earned the year's highest rating to date. Let's see what I found...

Immediately upon opening the bag the vivid aromas of strawberries with a hint of cocoa rise and greet the nose. After grinding the whole beans the aroma shifts a bit and develops a hint of blueberries to go with the cocoa and strawberries. 

Once hot water is poured over the grounds the aroma swells and fills the room with gentle notes of sweet blueberries. After the pour-over was complete I expected a warm sweet blueberry aroma from the cup, but I was wrong. From the cup an aroma of warm glazed doughnuts greeted me. This aroma was so captivating that I sat for several moments taking in the bouquet rising from the cup before taking the first sips. 

The first sips were bright and clean with nuances of sweet, plump blueberries and a hint of the sugar doughnut, reminiscent of a warm, buttery, blueberry pancake. I've sampled other Ethiopian roasts with notes of blueberries, but this roast was different. Instead the normal tart flavors found in other roasts, this was sweet, more like plucking a plump, ripe berry right from the bush and tasting the explosion of sweetness a the berry ruptures in your mouth. As the coffee cools, smooth and luxurious best describes the mouthfeel, plus there is a warm lingering aftertaste of blueberry pancakes. Simply delicious!

For my personal tastes I feel this Kilenso Ethiopia by Slate Coffee Roasters would be a great addition to breakfast, or sipped as a nice after dinner cup to wind down with. 

Rated 97

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