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This 7 x 62 cigar is a beast. It's covered with a super oily maduro colored wrapper with only the finest of veins, it's packed well full length and it has a triple cap. I hate to add, but the wrapper had a 1/4" hole just below the bottom band.

Cold there are strong notes of rich fermented tobacco from the foot and the free draw has notes of spicy cedar with hints of fruit. Once the Cigar is burning there's a huge blast of medium/full bodied chocolate, followed by oak, earth and dark chocolate. In the second half there were other notes of sandalwood, ripe tree fruit, molasses, barnyard and cream.

After sixty minutes, one relight and four burn corrections I gave up on this stick. Looking at the ash I could see the burn problems were caused by an off center bunch, its really too bad since the flavor mix of this Chapter 1 was outstanding. Rated 88


What we have here is another beast, at 7 x 64 it's even larger than the Chapter 1. It has a dark oily, toothy, Oscuro colored wrapper with some visible seams, but there are no holes in this one. A good looking, tight triple cap holds it all together. Testing cold aromas the foot smells like fruity sweet tea, while the free cold draw gave me a blast of spicy cocoa.

Once burning there are medium bodied flavors of cocoa, rich fermented tobacco, ripe plum, brown sugar, cream, oak, leather, chai tea and coffee. The one hour and fifty-five minute smoking experience ended with a medium/full bodied espresso flavored finish.

A nice oil sheen developed on the wrapper in the second half and this Chapter 2 had a complex flavor mix. However, like it's twin this cigar was again plagued with burn problems as the canoeing needed serious correction three times. Rated 90


This 8" x 52 ring monster is covered with a great looking, stout, oily, Colorado maduro colored Ecuadoran wrapper with fairly small veins and transparent seams. From the cold foot the mix of Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers give off an aroma of over-ripe tree fruit. After cutting the triple cap, the free draw produces a dry red wine like flavor.

From the burning cigar, the initial flavors are a mix medium to full bodied mix of barnyard, cocoa and over ripe fruit. As the burn enters the second third, there are flavors of raisin, molasses and honey. By this time the wrapper has developed a deep oily sheen and the body has moved into the full range. The final third finishes with notes of flora, brown sugar, oak, charcoal and caramel. 

Overall this was a nice cigar. It had a tasty flavor mix, a fair burn line and a ninety minute burn time. Rated 92


The rich, oily, Colorado colored Honduran wrapper is seamless and practically vein free. From the cold foot, there are aromas of rich fermented tobacco and over ripe tree fruit to the nose. After clipping the triple cap, the free cold draw has nuances of sweet oak.

Once the foot is toasted and burning the cigar produces a nice volume of smooth, medium bodied smoke with flavors of fruit and chai tea. The burn line on this stick was razor sharp and as the burn moved up the body, a deep oily gloss developed on the wrapper. There were other flavors of brown sugar, toast, caramel, oak, cocoa and a hint of anise. After one hour and twenty-five minutes this mammoth 8 x 52 double corona finished with notes of rich caramel and white pepper.

This Rival Twin Chapter 4 was one nice cigar. It had great flavors, a nice burn line and a fantastic smoking time. If you haven't tried any of the Rival Twin series, you really should! Rated 94


The Rival Twin Chapter 4 by La Gloria Cubana Cigars is the final cigar in this four part special series; or is it?

The other day I asked Michael Giannini, Director of La Gloria Cubana Cigars that same question, his reply: "Is Rival Twin Series Chapter 4 the final chapter……all I can say is to be continued?" Well done Michael!

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