Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Quorum Shade Toro

Today we have another nice budget cigar, the Quorum Shade Toro. For a budget cigar, this stick was pretty impressive. Let's take a deeper look and find out why. 

Covered in a silky smooth, shade grown Connecticut wrapper, this Quorum looks like it could quite easily retail for around $10.00. The construction is seamless, the wrapper contains only the finest of veins, it's packed firmly full length and it's topped off by a triple cap. 

From the cold foot there were rich fruity notes of fermented tobacco, while the free cold draw produced toasted tobacco notes with a hint of spice mixed in. 

The first draws were mild bodied and smooth with flavors of cream, toast and again, a light hint of spice. As the sharp burn line moved up the body, the cigar's flavors shifted to an earthy mix of oak, earth and leather until the burn reached the final third.

In the final third the sweet cream came back, plus now there was lots of light brown sugar added in. The cigar finished its fifty minute burn in the medium body range with a mix of sugary sweet cream and caramel. I thought it was a very tasty finish.

Overall the Quorum Shade Toro was a top of the line budget cigar. It had great construction, a nice burn and a good tasting flavor mix. I did think the flavors were a bit soft and hard to separate at times but this cigar would make a great before breakfast smoke at an unbelievable low price. 

You can find these Quorum Shade Toros at priced at just $2.30 per single or only $29.95 in bundles of 20.

Rated 92

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