Friday, February 6, 2015

Shadow From Roast House Coffee

Shadow From Roast House Coffee
Roast House Coffee
Location: Spokane, WA
Reigon: Sumatra, Mexico, Nicaragua
Roast: City + - Full City +
Brewing method: Pour-over
Price: $15.45 - 16 oz.

Here we have another top of the line coffee, Shadow from Roast House Coffee. These beans brew into a cup as complex as the regions they're grown in. 

Aroma from the beans and ground coffee mainly has notes of cocoa, but there's also a faint hint of oak that makes things interesting.

As water is introduced during the pour-over process, sweet notes of cocoa and warm bread rise to greet your nose. Once the brewing is complete, the aroma rising from the cup has notes of sweet caramel. 

Sipping from the cup, the first sips are light, clean and brisk with a clean wash across the palate. As the brew cools it becomes heavier with a smooth creamy mouthfeel and a soft lingering aftertaste. 

Not only does the body change in the cup but so do the flavors. The first sips contain notes of lightly sweet caramel with just a hint of oak. Once it cools the caramel slowly fades away only to be replaced with notes of creamy chocolate and the same light hint of oak. 

I think this Shadow roast is a nice any time of the day blend. In the beginning it has the brightness to wake your palate, then it gets smooth, creamy and deeply satisfying.

Rated 94

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