Friday, February 13, 2015

Sulawesi Toarco Toraja A By Velton's Coffee

Velton's Coffee - Evert, WA
Sulawesi Toarco Toraja A

Origin: Sulawesi, Indonesia
Reigon: Ngariama, Central Province, Kirinyaga East
Roast: Light/Medium
Brewing method: Pour-over
Price: $18.50 - 16 oz.

Bright, crisp and clean, yet smooth soft and syrupy. That best describes this Sulawesi Toarco Toraja A, city + roast from Velton's Coffee. Along with the complex body and mouthfeel, this roast has an amazingly complex flavor range.

From the bag the whole beans give off a pleasant aroma of rich caramel with a hints of chocolate and sweet citrus. Once the beans are ground, the dry aroma changes a bit releasing notes of sweet caramel and stone fruit. The pour-over the aroma swells into the room with notes of sweet citrus and more caramel. Once brewing is complete, the are notes of cocoa, caramel and sweet citrus rising from the cup. 

The first sips from the hot cup are bright, crisp and clean with a mouthwatering palate wash. There are flavors of sweet caramel with just a hint of bright lime. As the coffee cools the flavors change as does the body. The bright lime fades being replaced with sweeter citrus, while the sweetness of the caramel becomes more pronounced. As this flavor shift takes place the mouthfeel gets softer and a bit heavier. At the lower end of the temperature range, the citrus fades completely as it's replaced with a hint of soft, silky and syrupy chocolate mixed with the caramel. 

I was impressed with this Sulawesi Toarco Toraja A from Velton's Coffee. It produced a clean cup free from defect with complex body, mouthfeel and flavors throughout the sipping range. 

Rated 94

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