Friday, February 6, 2015

Tryst No. 2 Robusto Vanilla-Spiced Rum E-Cigar

Tryst No. 2 Robusto Vanilla-Spiced Rum E-Cigar
Here's another great tasting e-cigar the Tryst No. 2 Robusto Vanilla-Spiced Rum E-Cigar. Featuring e-juice made in the USA, these Tryst e-cigars are a pretty sweet deal. Again, this is another nice example of a cigarette alternative that gives me cigar-like satisfaction.

Like I mentioned before, these American made e-juices from Tryst have fantastic flavor. With this e-cigar vanilla reigns as the prominent flavor, but there are hints of spiced rum underneath and it creates a nice mix.  To date, other flavored e-products I've tried don't compare at all to the Tryst e-cigar flavors.

So far all the Tryst products I've tried have top of the line construction and I haven't had any negative issues.

Add together great taste, health benefits and reduced cigarette costs, Tryst e-cigars are a real winner for me. Give them a try!

You can find Tryst e-cigars at Famous Smoke Shop. The No. 2 Robusto sells in 12 packs for $152.99. Since each Tryst Robusto is the equivalent of eight cigars a 12 pack equals out time wise to 96 cigars and that's a real deal.

Rated 9.6

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