Friday, February 20, 2015

Unholy Cocktail From Diesel Cigars

Here's another first for me, the Unholy Cocktail From Diesel Cigars. A.J. Fernadez month at Cigar Train was good to me providing some nice cigars I hadn't previously smoked. 

Covered in a stout, oily, maduro colored wrapper this 5" x 56 torpedo looks like it means business. From the cold foot there are notes of sweet fruit and fermented tobacco, with the same fruitiness found from the free draw. It did disappoint me that when the foot band was removed, a dime-sized chunk of wrapper left with it.

Once toasted and burning the cigar produced hearty mouthfuls of smooth, rich, full bodied smoke with nuances of black pepper, leather and fruit. Additionally the smoke and the wrapper left behind a pleasant, lingering sweet aftertaste. 

As the razor sharp burn moved up the body the pepper quickly faded being replaced by notes of toast and cocoa. In the final third flavors of fruity chocolate, espresso, earth and a hint of anise joined the complex mix. 

With a sixty minute burn time and a complex full bodied flavor mix this Unholy Cocktail was a real treat. This cigar is definitely one I'll smoke again and again. 

Rated 93

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