Monday, March 16, 2015

The Belvedere™ Smart Smoke® E-Cigar

The Belvedere™ Smart Smoke E-Cigar
While the Belvedere™ E-cigar from Smart Smoke® has the appearance of "just another e-cigar" it's far from it. Inside the Belvedere™ there are soft and subtle features that make it rise above the rest. Read on and find what makes the Belvedere™ the cream of the crop.

First, let's talk about the overall construction. Like I said, on the outside it looks just like many of the other e-cigars on the market. It weighs in at a slightly foot heavy 1.7 ounces and it measures about 6" x 46 ring--It's a bit heavier than comparable products, but that comes into play a bit later. 

The durable wrapper is printed with a tobacco leaf pattern and it's rolled on tightly full length, (the picture was taken after four days of on and off usage). However the key difference in the Belvedere™ is the bite area. 

If you've read my other reviews, you know that I love to chew on e-cigars while I write. The head of this e-cigar looks like all the others, but it's not. This one has much softer bite area providing a more realistic "cigar-like" experience.

Continuing with the "cigar-like experience theme, let's talk about flavors. The flavor mix of the Original Belvedere™ Smart Smoke® E-Cigar has notes reminiscent of fermented tobacco, brown sugar and a hint of rum. Although the flavors are a bit softer or lighter than expected, the mix is flavorful enough to remind me of a mild Connecticut wrapped cigar. While the flavors are good and the construction is top notch, the highlight of the Belvedere™ is vapor production.

Let me tell you, this e-cigar really pumps out a high volume of vapor. For my puffing style this model produces more vapor than any other e-product I've tested to date and that's a big plus in my book. You know what I mean, we've all smoked a few cigars that put out huge volumes of smoke compared to the rest, well that's how much vapor this e-cigar produces. It's just a guess, but I bet the increased weight of the Belvedere™ comes from a stronger battery and a higher quality vaporizer, which in turn equals higher vapor output and that I like. 

Smart Smoke® claims the Belvedere™ is the equivalent of six double corona sized cigars. I've already racked up over five hours of puffing on this Original model and it's still going strong. That leads me to believe their claim is true. 

The Belvedere™ Smart Smoke® E-Cigar sells on for $14.99 with free shipping and it's available in original, cherry, grape, honey, or vanilla flavors. Plus for $11.99 there is a 500 puff Belvedere Slim™ model available on their website. 

Overall the Belvedere™ Smart Smoke® E-Cigar is a top-notch product and with some will power, I may have finally found and e-product that will help me stop smoking cigarettes.  

Stay tuned, reviews on the other flavors and the Slim model will be coming soon. 

Rated 9.8

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