Tuesday, March 17, 2015

CX2 Robusto From CAO Cigars

CX2 Robusto From CAO Cigars
The flavors and aromas that come from a Cameroon wrapper have made them one of my favorite wrappers for years now. With the combination of a Cameroon wrapper and binder this CX2 Robusto from CAO Cigars was a real treat to smoke.  

Looking at the Colorado Claro colored wrapper we see it's oily, nearly vein free and rolled on with seamless care. The 5 x 52 Robusto is packed well full length and finished off with a triple cap.

From the cold cigar there are notes of sweet fermented tobacco to the nose, while the free draw contains nuances of spicy fruit.

Once the cigar is burning the first draws provide an ample amount of medium bodied smoke with rich flavors of toasty, sweet and spicy fermented tobacco. Further up the body more flavors join in. We find oak, more spice, hints of coffee and cocoa plus a bit of brown sugar. While the flavor mix isn't super complex, it is pretty darn tasty. The CX2 wraps up its fifty-five minute burn with a sweet, spicy and toasty finish.

In addition to the tasty flavor mix the CX2 had a razor sharp burn line full length and a nice oil sheen developed on the wrapper as the cigar turned to ash. This cigar is definitely a winner in my book.

You can find these online at Famous Smoke Shop in 5 packs for $24.99 or in boxes of 20 for just $88.99