Wednesday, March 4, 2015

El Salvador Malacara-B by Roast House Coffee

Silky smooth with notes of sweet caramel and mandarin orange up front, this El Salvador Malacara-B from Roast House Coffee produces an exciting, complex and decadent brew.

Roast House Coffee
El Salvador Malacara-B
Location: Spokane, WA
Reigon: El Salvador
Roast: City + 
Brewing method: Pour-over

Once the bag's seal is cracked it's apparent these beans have been roasted to unlock their full potential as an aroma of toasty cocoa rises from the bag to greet the nose. After the beans are ground the aroma changes to a sweet mix of Mandarin orange and creamy caramel. During the pour-over the same sweet aromas swell drifting several feet into the room.

From the hot cup the aroma shifts a bit with sweet, nutty, nuances of pecans and caramel. The first sips are light, smooth and slightly creamy leaving behind a soft, lingering palate wash with flavors of Mandarin orange and pecans coming to the forefront.

As the cupped coffee cools soft notes of earthiness develop while the sweet Mandarin orange changes to more of a tart naval orange flavor, but the sweet caramel remains giving the coffee a captivating sweet and sour type of flavor profile.

Rated 96

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