Friday, March 6, 2015

Foundry Tobacco Company Elements Calcium Robusto

I'm really a fan of the cigars produced by the Foundry Tobacco Company and this Elements, Calcium is another nice one. There were issues with the wrapper and the burn on this stick, but the fantastic flavor mix more than made up for those small problems. 

Even though I'm running a bit behind on reviews, I like Foundry cigars so much that I couldn't resist plucking this cigar out of its cool looking box on my last visit to Cigar Train

The Calcium Robusto is box-pressed and covered by another of Foundry's great looking bands. Under the band there's a seamless, oily, maduro colored wrapper that only has a few smaller veins. I have to mention I was a bit disappointed because this wrapper had three, pencil eraser sized holes. Two were covered by the foot band, and the third was just below the triple cap. I'm happy to report that the holes didn't become an issue as the cigar burned they were only a cosmetic flaw. 

From the cold foot there were faint notes of fruit or richly fermented tobacco to the nose, while the freed draw contained the same nuances of fruit. The first draws from the burning cigar were a mild bodied mix of spice, fruit and cocoa. An oily sheen immediately developed just ahead of the burn and flavors of toast and caramel quickly joined the mix. The toast, cocoa and caramel flavor mix continued until the final third were a few puffs of bold red pepper showed  up. Just as the red pepper hit, the burn took off running up one side and eventually needed a correction. Finishing a nice fifty-five minute burn the cigar ended with medium bodied flavors of cocoa and fermented tobacco. It was a pretty tasty flavor mix in my opinion. 

Although there were a couple  minor problems with this cigar, it won't keep me from picking up more and I wouldn't shy away from it if I were you. The flavor mix makes the Foundry Tobacco Company Elements Calcium a very worthy smoke.

Rated 91

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