Monday, March 2, 2015

Stemwinder Blend By Fundamental Coffee

Bean Box Sample 4
Fundamental Coffee Co.
Stemwinder Blend
Origins: COL, GUA, PNG & NIC
Roast: Dark - Full City +
Brewing method: Pour-over
Price: - $14 - 12 ounce bag

This last Bean Box sample is the Stemwinder Blend By Fundamental Coffee Company. It's a four country blend dark roast that delivers a totally unexpected bright and lively sipping experience. Let's look a bit closer and see how this roast brews up.

Opening the bag your nose is rewarded with an immediate blast of rich earthy chocolate from the oily, darkly roasted beans. After grinding the the beans into coffee, the notes of chocolate are more prominent, but once hot water is introduced the aroma profile really changes. 

Wet, the aroma swells as the coffee blooms and there's a nice vegetal aroma of sauteed celery, But that's just the first impression. As the pour-over progresses the coffee gives off more of a pot roast aroma. You know what I mean, that warm, mouthwatering aroma reminiscent of a roast and veggies simmering all day in a slow cooker.  

Yes, it's aromatic as it brews, but sipping the Stemwinder is the real highlight. It's a dark roast and I was expecting a syrupy mouthfeel and deep, earthy flavor notes. You can imagine my surprise when the first hot sips were bright, crisp and quite lively with a sweet, but cleansing palate wash. The flavors were a delicious mix of  bright, sweet, earthy, cocoa with a hint of spice. As the brew cooled in the cup the mouthfeel did change providing a more familiar soft and syrupy mouthfeel, but the coffee remained sweet with a clean finish. 

Rated 95

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