Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Collar Cold Brew Starter Kit

I think lots of coffee drinkers enjoy iced coffee from time-to-time, I definitely do. Normally to make iced coffee I do a pour-over then pour the hot coffee over ice. While this is pretty tasty, it does severely dilute the coffee. A few weeks ago I ran across this Collar Cold Brew Starter Kit and thought to myself "hey this is a pretty good idea". So here we are taking the kit for a test drive. 

The Cold brew kit comes with everything you need to cold-brew coffee other than the water. Starting out at $14.95 you get three pouches of flavored coffee, a glass jar with two lids, a reusable straw and a well written instruction card. Each pouch contains the proper amount of coffee to brew two cups of coffee.

To brew, simply add a coffee pouch to the glass jar, fill it with cold water, put on the lid and let it do the magic over night. In the morning you have two cups of cold-brew coffee ready to drink. 

Below are the reviews of each of the three coffee flavors.

Dark Chocolate & Toffee:
From the bag there was a robust aroma of toffee. After brewing over night and adding ice, the coffee had an aroma mix of cocoa, caramel and nuts. The first sips were smooth with a light creamy mouthfeel with flavors of bitter-sweet chocolate and toffee.

Rated 89

Green Apple & Caramel:
From the bag there were smooth notes of caramel to the nose. Once brewed there were lightly tart notes of green apple mixed with hints of sweet caramel. The coffee was crisp and light with a cleansing palate wash leaving behind a light green apple aftertastes.

Rated 92

Hibiscus & Passion fruit:
This coffee created a smooth and creamy brew with mouthwatering notes of cocoa and light citrus.

Rated 90

Overall I think the Collar Cold Brew Kit is a fantastic idea. For $14.95 you can make six cups of great tasting cold-brew coffee that doesn't get diluted when you add ice. Plus I have a reusable jar that can be used with other cold drinks all summer long. Check out their website and see what you think.

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