Monday, July 20, 2015

Costa Rica Geisha From Zoka Coffee

Bright and crisp, yet soft and supple, this Costa Rica Geisha brewed into one of the finest cups I've had the pleasure to sip. 

Zoka Coffee Company
Seattle, WA
Costa Rica Geisha
Origin: Costa Rica
Region: Tarrazu
Roast: Medium - City +
Brewing method: Pour-over
Sample from: Bean Box

After first cracking the bag open, I knew this Costa Rica Geisha was going to brew into a great cup. The aroma of ripe tree fruit hit me instantly and after grinding, the aromas really bloomed. When hot water saturated the ground coffee in the pour-over cone, the aromas changed slightly with added notes of light spice and toast.

With the pour-over complete an enticing aroma of sweet toffee radiated from the hot cup to greet my nose. Extraction on this pour-over was spot-on, the first sips were light, bright and crisp, but at the same time smooth, mouthwatering and perfectly balanced. After the coffee cools a bit the brightness builds a little, but it's still delightful, well balanced and delicious. 

From the first to the last sips the flavors of this Geisha were fantastic. The first sips had nuances of sweet toffee, with just a bit of mixed tree fruit (sweet with just a hint of tart), and toasted nuts, with a pleasant, light earthy aftertaste on the palate. As the coffee cooled the flavor morphed tasting more like caramel mixed with nougat as the primary flavor and just a hint of fruitiness.

Rated 97

This sample was provided for review by Bean Box. Thank you! 

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