Wednesday, August 12, 2015

1502 Black Gold Corona From Global Premium Cigars

Here's another tasty treat from 1502 Cigars, the Black Gold corona. Impeccable construction flavors and burn combine to make this cigar a real winner. 

Covered in a seamless, vein free maduro wrapper, corona looks like it will be packed full of flavor and let me tell you it was. 

From the cold foot, rich notes of cocoa and toasted tobacco greet the nose while the free cold draw has nuances of cocoa and sweet, ripe tree fruit. 

Once toasted and burning the first medium bodied mouthfuls of smoke again have the pleasant flavors of toasted tobacco and cocoa. Within a few puffs the flavors start to shift as notes of earth, oak, brown sugar, ripe fruit and molasses mix to offer a different flavor experience with nearly each puff. 

As the razor sharp burn moves up this cigar into the second half, the flavor mix continues to shift. with notes of burnt oak, charcoal, espresso and more cocoa that hold until the finish. 

The 1502 Black Gold Corona finishes its forty-five minute burn with flavors reminiscent of burnt mocha; charcoal, coffee, cocoa and a touch of sweet cream, while leaving behind a sweet aftertaste on the lips and palate. 

Overall this was a great cigar with it's top notch construction, great burn and complex flavor mix. If you haven't tried any of the 1502 Cigar line, I think you're really missing out on some great cigars. 

Rated 94

Sample provided Global Premium Cigars a member of House of Emilio

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