Tuesday, August 4, 2015

1502 Emerald Corona From Global Premium Cigars

A 5 1/2 x 42 box -pressed Corona, with superior construction from 1502 Cigars. What's not to love?

I was pretty excited to give this 1502 Emerald Corona  produced by Global Premium Cigars, a spin. 1502 Cigars are one of the House of Emilio line of brands.

The first obvious observation about this cigar is the top of the line construction. The Colorado Claro colored wrapper is vein free and practically seamless, plus the cigar is packed well full lenght. 

Checking aromas from the cold foot and free draw, there are notes of toast, fermented tobacco and some light Spanish Cedar spice with a pleasant aftertaste that lingered for several moments.

Once burning, the first mild bodied puffs contain notes of nuts, toast, caramel and sweet tree fruit. As the clean burn line moves up the cigar a nice oil sheen develops on the wrapper and there are added flavors of oak, brown sugar, light charcoal and white pepper.

The Emerald Corona finishes its fifty minute burn more into the medium body range with a nice mix of toast, oak and earth. 

Since this cigar was a Corona, I thought the fifty minute burn time was fantastic. If you add that to the top of the line construction and the great flavor mix, this 1502 Emerald cigar is a real winner. 

Rated 93

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