Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Archduke Ferdinand Pipe Tobacco by Sutliff Tobacco

Over the past week I've discovered that neither do I smoke a pipe often enough nor do I review enough tobacco. 

One problem with reviewing tobacco is the fact that pipe tobacco can't be mail ordered into WA and that really bites. Speaking bite, or lack there of, let's take a look at the Archduke Ferdinand blend from Sutliff Tobacco that I was given to review by Cigar Train.

This Archduke Ferdinand tobacco is a blend of seven different sub-blends according to the can it came in. From the can it has a thick, sweet  and pleasant vanilla aroma. 

Once my pipe was packed and burning the first puffs were mild and flavorful. Of course there were notes of vanilla, but there were hints of smoky tobacco and a bit of mild spice. The noom note was aromatic vanilla and there was no tongue bite present.

After the second light, a bit of bite developed, but it was well within my mild limit and the strength moved into the medium range.

Overall this Archduke Ferdinand tobacco by Sutliff Tobacco provided a nice smoke which I've been enjoying several times a day for the last week. I've really enjoyed the flavors, the room note and the lack of bite.

Bite: 1
Flavor: 4
Strength: 2.5
Room note: 4.5

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