Monday, August 17, 2015

Java Gunung Biru by Fundamental Coffee

The Java Gunung Biru by Fundamental Coffee has hearty notes of spice, pepper, and earth that grip your palate and say "I'm here!" But at the same time there are light, almost hidden, nuances that will heighten your sipping experience.

Fundamental Coffee Company
Seattle, WA
Coffee: Java Gunung Biru
Roast: Dark
Brewing method: Pour-over
Sample provided by: Bean Box

Doing a pour-over this Java Gunung Biru brews a cup of coffee that is both medium bodied and full flavored. The first hot sips bright and crisp with some light acidity, but as the coffee cools the body develops producing a palate warming syrupiness. 

Not only does this dark, oily, roast have complex body characteristics, the flavor nuances are complex as well. While the main flavor notes are a bold, spicy mix of pepper and earth, there are subtle notes of sandalwood, peat, tobacco, cocoa and tree fruit that peek out, then hide throughout the temperature range.

I found the Java Gunung Biru from Fundamental Coffee free from defect, with a low natural sweetness and no bitterness. On a side note the flavor profile is strong enough to handle cream and sugar if you so desire. 

Rated 93

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