Thursday, August 20, 2015

Private Selection Maduro Toro By Cuban Stock Cigars

It's been awhile since I've reviewed a cigar from Cuban Stock Cigars, but they have a great line that I've really enjoyed in the past. Today we look at The Private Selection Maduro Toro. 

The Private Selection line comes with two wrapper choices, Connecticut and Dominican Maduro. On they describe this cigar as mild. Well here we have a difference of opinion. Read on and find out why. 

Construction of the Private Selection is exquisite. From the striking blue, yellow and gold band to the practically vein free maduro colored wrapper the cigar just looks like it needs to be smoked. The blemish free Dominican maduro wrapper is rolled on with seamless care, the cigar is packed well full length and it's finished off with a nice triple cap. 

Aromas from the cold cigar are rich and hearty. From the cold foot there are notes of rich fermented tobacco with a hint of ripe fruit, while the flavor from the free cold draw is reminiscent of sweet molasses. 

Once the foot is toasted and burning the first puffs have medium/full bodied flavor notes of earth, brown sugar and cocoa with a slightly dry finish that leaves behind a sweet aftertaste. As the fairly even burn line moves up the cigar's body the wrapper starts to develop an oily gloss that continues to build until the nub. 

Around the mid point more flavors of oak and cream jump into the mix as the strength builds into the full range. 

By time you're into the final third, you'll know this is a full bodied cigar. The Private Selection maduro toro finishes its fifty-five minute burn with an overall sweet flavor mix consisting of ripe fruit, charcoal, brown sugar and cocoa. A very tasty finish by my standards.

Overall I thought the Private Selection Maduro Toro By Cuban Stock Cigars provided a high quality and rewarding smoking experience. With the combination of its top of the line construction, a nice burn time and a great flavor mix this cigar is a winner in my book!

 Rated 94

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