Tuesday, August 25, 2015

True Mokha Java by Bean Box Coffee

Here's another nice coffee, blended by Bean Box Coffee, their True Mokha Java. The roasted beans for this blend are supplied by two roasting companies in Seattle, Conduit Coffee roasts the Mokha portion while Fundamental Coffee roasts the Java. Mixed together these beans brew up an interesting cup of coffee. 

Right from the bag I had a pretty good idea this would brew into a very nice cup as the aromas of cocoa and coffee rise from the bag and greet my nose. 

As you can see in the picture, some of the beans have a bit of oily caramelization present, and I like that. To me oily means sweet and I anticipate there will be some sweetness from these beans. 

Once the beans are ground into coffee and hot water is introduced on the pour, the aroma transforms as there are now notes of ripe tree fruit and some light earthiness blending with the cocoa. 

The freshly cupped brew has a nice praline aroma: caramel, pecans and chocolate and the first sips are sweet and medium bodied. The mouthfeel is slightly syrupy with a hint of crisp acidity that gives the coffee a clean, mouthwatering palate wash. As the coffee cools in the cup the body and the syrupiness both continue to develop. 

Hot, the coffee shows flavors of light fruit, cocoa and a hint of earth but this changes throughout the temperature range. The first flavor change comes as a hint of pecan that grows as the fruitiness fades. Eventually the pecan notes are replaced by more of a smooth earthy, cocoa mixture. 

Overall with it's changing mouthfeel, body and flavor profile I thought this True Mokha Java by Bean Box Coffee brewed into a delightful, complex cup of coffee.

Rated 95

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