Friday, August 7, 2015

Yemen Haraaz Red by Conduit Coffee Company

Complex and flavorful best describe this Yemen Haraaz Red Coffee roasted by the Conduit Coffee Company. It's another fantastic top-shelf coffee coming from the Bean Box line-up that's hearty enough to be a morning coffee, yet delicate enough to call a specialty coffee. 

Conduit Coffee Company
Seattle, WA
Coffee: Yemen Haraaz Red
Roast: Medium - City +
Brewing method: Pour-over
Sample from: Bean Box

From the bag to the hot cupped brew, this Yemen Haraaz Red radiates a wine-like fruitiness that hits your nose from several feet away. 

The first sips are bright and crisp, but at the same time full and rewarding. There's an initial earthy, black tea mouthfeel and flavor, leaving behind a pleasant fruity, wine-like, mouth watering, aftertaste that seems like it will last forever. 

As the coffee cools, a smooth syrupiness develops, the notes of earth subside and warm peach flavor notes dominate.

This Yemen Haraaz Red by Conduit Coffee Company truly is a top-shelf roast with it's complex mouthfeel and flavors. If you get a chance to brew these beans, don't pass it up.

Rated 95

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