Wednesday, March 2, 2016

House Blend Coffee From Buna Mobile Roasting Company

Bold rich flavors with a lingering sweetness, a smooth full bodied mouth feel and bright radiating aromas make this "House Blend" perhaps the best overall cup I've ever brewed. 

Buna Mobile Roasting Company
House Blend 
Roast: Full City +
Brewing method: Pour-over

The enticing chocolate covered cherry aroma radiating from the open bag will knock your socks off, but once the beans are ground into coffee, bright red wine nuances really shine. Doing the pour-over a nice bloom swelled and a notes of bold mocha hit my nose. 

Sipping the hot brew, it was bold, yet soft and smooth, with a pleasant sweet syrupiness that not only coats on the palate, but lingers until the next sip. There were flavor nuances of coffee, cocoa, caramel, and sweet red wine. As the cup cools, the sweet fruit notes continue to develop adding a bit of bright acidity.

Rated 97

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