Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Changes Ahead

In an effort to best represent what's happening on this blog our domain name will soon be changing to CigarAndCoffee.com.

When this blog started several years ago the main focus was on reviewing budget cigars. While I'm still a Cheap Ash and finding great budget cigars is still a passion, the number of premium cigars well out weigh the number of budget cigars being reviewed. In addition, the name CheapAshCigar.com has nothing to do with the premium coffee's that are being reviewed. 

The change will take place some time this week, probably Wednesday night since Tuesday is Legends of Fire night and Thursday is Prohibition GastroPub night (I have a post coming soon about the pub and Cigar Train). Because smoking cigars with friends is way more important than changing domain names around. 

CheapAshCigar.com will be redirected and still point to this blog, but CigarAndCoffee.com will be the primary name that appears. 

Over the next few weeks there are some great cigars slated to be reviewed, plus there will be added focus on Spokane area cigar events. Plus, I'll be posting more on Instagram, Twitter and Swarm, especially when I'm out around Spokane. Feel free to come join the fun on Tuesdays and Thursday plus we can talk cigars and coffee.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding!

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