Thursday, April 21, 2016


I don't know how they do it, but Famous Smoke Shop came up with another amazing exclusive. This one blended by Jesus Fuego, the Vudu Dark No. 3. With a great price point and a deluge of tasty flavors it's a near perfect match for my palate and wallet.

Quick Details

Shape: Robusto 4 3/4 x 50
Country:  Honduras
Wrapper:  Pennsylvania Sun Grown Dark Natural

Once the Vudu is free from the cellophane you'll instantly notice two things. the oily, seamless, dark Maduro colored wrapper and then just how full this stick is stuffed full of fillers. It's backed so firmly you'll think the draw may be tight, but surprisingly it's not. 

From the cold foot there are floral nuances of fermented tobacco to the nose and once the tightly wrapped triple cap is clipped the free cold draw has notes of toasty, sweet red wine. After toasting and lighting the foot, the first puffs are medium bodied with full sweet flavors of cocoa and fruit with a dash of black pepper. The pepper soon fades while the sweet fruit and cocoa flavors continue to builds The dark wrapper also leaves behind a sweet aftertaste on the lips. In the final third the body moves into the medium/full range plus there are hints of oak, leather and charcoal with lots of brown sugar and cocoa for the finish. 

Overall this was a great cigar. The Vudu had top-notch construction, fantastic flavors, a satisfying fifty-five minute burn time and price you can't go wrong with. You can get these Vudu Dark No. 3 from Famous Smoke Shop in 5 & 10 packs or in this neat looking 19 count jar.

Rated 94

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