Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Cuban Stock Cigar Co.'s New Dominican Factory Doubles Production Capacity

Cuban Stock Cigar Co. just opened its new factory in the tax-free zone in Tamboril, Dominican Republic. President and company founder Yaniv Levy states, "After twenty years in our two previous factories, and with the pressures to increase output as our reputation grows, it was time for this new facility. Before this move, our total production space was less than 10,000 square feet, we now have 20,000 square feet, enough to carry us well into the future."

 "Tamboril's tabacaleros are among the country's best.  Since better working conditions create better cigars, these artisans deserve a comfortable, uncrowded, well-lit and temperate environment.  The new facility is a major improvement in that respect.  Tamboril is closer to workers' homes, easing their transportation needs.  The high-bay construction is cooler and brighter, with new, modern and more functional facilities."

Since the new building only opened in late February, the company is currently gearing up.  Levy has hired forty new workers, and that number will grow to 100 in a few weeks. Instead of being limited to 1.8 million cigars a year, the capacity to produce 10 million annually is a reality.  For example, aging and fermenting rooms are a generous 1,200 square feet each.  Levy estimates his cigar output will rise from present levels to 3 million before long.  "With over twenty active brands," he explains, "many with several shapes and sizes, we didn't wait a moment too long in meeting that goal.

“Cuban Stock is known for the quality of its cigars, using the best tobacco grades and long fermentation.  This is true with bundles and cigarillos, value-priced cigars like Everyday Joe, and boutique premium cigars with up to ten years' aging Reserve, Triumph, Limitado and 231.  At present, the Chubbys and Delicioso lines are runaway best-sellers, and their production will be more than adequate.

Although Cuban Stock Cigars does not sell direct to consumers, its Web site (www.CubanStockCigars.com) allows visitors to browse the entire company catalog.  To complement the increased output, Levy is preparing to build a comprehensive sales force, and invites interested parties to contact him.

231 Rock Hill Rd. Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004
Phone: 800-380-8617      E-Mail:info@cubanstockcigars.com

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