Thursday, May 26, 2016

Famous 75th Padron Anniversary A Famous Smoke Shop Exclusive

Rarely do I get the opportunity to smoke a true top-shelf cigar. I've found sometimes they live up to the hype and sadly sometimes they don't. However, the Famous 75 Padron Anniversary cigar really hits the mark!

This Famous Smoke Shop exclusive was created to celebrate Famous Smoke Shop's 75th anniversary and let me say right up front, it's a great cigar.

The Famous 75th Padron Anniversary is filled with Nicaraguan tobaccos and covered with a nearly vein-free Maduro colored wrapper that's rolled on with seamless skill. Checking the body, the  box-pressed cigar is packed firmly full length plus it's finished off with a tight triple cap. 

From the cold foot there's a faint aroma of sweet, fermented tobacco while the free cold draw had notes of oak and light brown sugar. Once burning, the Famous 75th Padron Anniversary cigar produced large mouthfuls of medium bodied smoke with tasty notes of sweet caramel, cocoa and a hint of oak. Pairing this cigar with a smooth, earthy medium roast coffee really enhanced the cigar's sweetness.

As the razor sharp burn neared the mid-point the flavor mix drastically shifted to a mix of earth, oak and leather, The sweetness came back after a few more puffs, but the second half of the cigar had more of an earthy flavor base.

Moving into the final third is when the real transformation began. By now the body was well into the medium/full range while the flavors took a big shift. There were now flavor nuances of toast, brown sugar, earth, leather and charcoal. The cigar finished its sixty-five minute burn with gobs of creamy smoke and my favorite "burnt mocha" finish; a mix of cream, coffee, cocoa and charcoal. Tasty!

This Famous 75th Padron Anniversary cigar is near the top of my top-ten all time favorite cigars. Give the a try for yourself. Again, the Famous 75th Padron Anniversary cigar is a Famous Smoke Shop exclusive so you can only find them in their store.

Rated 96

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