Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Fitbit Blaze--Way Off Topic, But Important To Me

Well as luck would have Paula got a great deal from work and we both purchased a Fitbit Blaze. With my luck I now have a fitness tracker that doesn't do a very good job of tracking anything other than sitting and sleeping. 

Anyway I've been dealing with Fitbit support since Friday when I sent off the initial support request. They answered me on Monday which is in the "OK" amount of time but it's went down hill since then.

To backstory this a bit, my tracker doesn't always track active minutes accurately, and at times needs to be rebooted when it won't track active minutes at all. 

All I do is walk. Most days I take the same route at the same speed anywhere from once to four times daily. Sometimes the Fitbit will count active minutes, sometimes it won't.  Along with that, it doesn't track heart rate with any accuracy no matter where it's placed on my arm or how tight or loose it is. I've tried just about everything.

My initial support request listed most of that information, including the point I've rebooted the unit several times. I was dumbfounded when my reply came and the first thing mentioned was to reboot and re sync. Hello! Didn't you read the original email?

After several emails back and fort with the tech explaining how the unit works--but he didn't have a clue--that since I was manually choosing the "walk" function, it wouldn't track active minutes, but I would earn badges. Badges? I don't want no stinking badges, I want to track my active minutes and heart rate. I replied back that I understood that, but then why when I choose walk it sometimes gives me active minutes and sometimes not. Hmmmm.

So  after those few emails on Monday, no reply until today. Today I received a follow up from a different tech and guess what I was told to do to fix it? You guessed it, reboot. OK, so now we have the second tech that didn't read the original support request or the email string between me and the first tech. Ugh!

I'm old, I'm overweight, I'm trying to get into better shape. I purchased the Blaze just to track my heart rate, (shhh, don't tell Fitbit), but luckily I'm smart enough too know when I'm working to hard without a heart rate monitor.

I'll keep you posted if this ever gets resolved but since it's been seven hours since I replied to the second tech with no response I think they are hoping I go away.

To sum it up, not only am I not happy with my Fitbit Blaze, I'm not happy with their support department. I owned a data center at one time, I know what quality tech support is and it's not this!

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