Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Limitada PB5 From Crux Cigars

Nearly a year ago I had the opportunity to meet Jeff and Casey from Crux Cigars at a Cigar Train event here in Spokane. Jeff was kind enough to hand me a pre-release Limitada PB5 to try.  Well it was dark that night, the event was fun and for one reason or another I just didn't do a review. 

Since that time I've had the chance to smoke several Limitadas so a review is long past due. I found the PB5 to be a solid cigar back then and a solid cigar today. Read on to find out why.

Quick Details
Size: Cuban Box Press: 5.75 x 54
Blend: Unique
Wrapper: EngaƱoso

Construction of the Limitada is nothing short of superb. Covered with an oily, Maduro colored EngaƱoso wrapper you'll see that it shows only the finest of veins, it's rolled on with seamless care and there's a tight triple cap. 

From the cold foot there's an aroma of sweetly fermented tobacco and after clipping the triple cap the free draw has notes of spicy cocoa. The first medium/full bodied puffs contain flavor nuances of cocoa and some light spice. As the razor sharp burn moves up the body there are other deep, rich flavors of oak, leather, toast and nuts. Entering the final third there are floral notes followed by some full bodied caramel, fruit and charcoal with a nice spice pop right at the end.

Overall I found the Limitada PB5 to be another high quality, great tasting cigar from Crux Cigars. If you get the chance to smoke one, I wouldn't pass it up!

Rated 94

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