Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Buna Mobile Roasting Company Three Country Blend

This newest sample from Buna Mobile Roasting Company is coffee blending done right. This Three Country Blend features Vietnamese, Honduran and Nicaraguan beans.

Buna Mobile Roasting Company
Three Country Blend 
Roast: Full City +
Brewing method: Pour-over

Sometimes when you crack open a bag of coffee you just know from the aroma that radiates it's gonna be good. Well cracking open this Three Country Blend wasn't disappointing. Instantly a sweet, fruity, cocoa aroma jumped from the bag to waken my senses. I thought the aroma was fantastic. 

After hand-grinding the beans, blueberries took over as the main aroma, but the cocoa was still there, reminding me of chocolate covered blueberries. 

As water was introduced to the ground coffee, it created a nice bloom, with notes of earth, cocoa and blueberries radiating several feet. 

From the cup, the first well balanced sips were clean with a medium mouthfeel, a clean palate wash and a lightly fruity lingering aftertaste. There were flavor nuances of earth, cocoa, blueberries and hint of toast. 

Overall this Buna Mobile Roasting Company Three Country Blend produced a nice anytime-of-day cup of coffee. One note though, it's very temperature sensitive. I did my review with a water temperature of 200 degrees instead of the normal 204 degrees. The higher water temperature brought out more brightness than I prefer. 

Rated 94

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